Radiation Treatment

Each radiation treatment plan is unique and individualized for you

Because each patient’s cancer type, stage, and overall needs are different, each plan of treatment must be individualized. To ensure the best care for each and every one of our patients, we offer several kinds of radiation treatment.

Radiation Therapy

Treatments are given with a Linear Accelerator, which generates and delivers high energy X-rays that kill cancer cells. There are several options for treatment, and the Radiation Oncologist will determine which you will receive based on your individual treatment plan. Since each treatment plan is individualized, not every patient has the same treatment even if they have the same type of cancer. You can expect to spend between 15 to 30 minutes each day for treatment and you will see the Radiation Oncology physician weekly.

Our radiation oncology unit is made up of leading physicians who strive to bring you the best care possible, creating an individualized plan for your cancerThree Dimensional-Conformal Treatment Planning (3D-CRT)

Irregularly shaped tumors are targeted using CT and/or MRI scans to create a 3-D computer picture of the tumor target in order to determine the approach and shape of the radiation field.

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

A specialized form of 3D-CRT allows for even more precise shaping of the radiation field by breaking up the radiation beam into smaller parts, and varies the intensity of the radiation beam, which allows for delivery of higher doses to tumors and/or further limits the dose to healthy tissue.

After Radiation Follow-Up Care

After your treatments are completed, your Radiation Oncologist will want to see you for follow-up appointments for a period of time. The Radiation Oncologist will monitor you for any side effects that can sometimes occur long after treatment is finished and your Radiation Oncologist will also assess how you are progressing after treatments. The Radiation Oncologist will provide reports to your referring physician and any other physician that you wish to receive correspondence regarding your care.