5 Ways to Show Your Caregiver Appreciation

February is Caregiver Appreciation Month, and we love showing the people in our lives just how much they mean to us.

When someone says the word “caregiver,” who do you think of?

They can be daughters, sons, mothers, cousins, friends, hired professionals, or nurses. They come in all forms and personalities!

Caregivers are some of the most special people in our world, and in turn, it’s important to remember to show them just how much we appreciate everything that they do for us.

Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Caregiver

How can we do this? It can be as easy as sending a voice message! Here are five more things that you can do today to show the caregiver in your life that you truly appreciate everything they do:

Send a card! This is a great way of simply showing your caregiver appreciation. People love receiving hand-written cards in the mail. It’s always a nice highlight to someone’s day, especially when they might be expecting bills in the mailbox but find a note of appreciation instead. Your card doesn’t have to include a lengthy message, typically it just needs to be thoughtfully signed and sent.

Put together a basket of goodies! This can include anything from spa gifts to their favorite snack, and so many things in between. You likely know the caregiver in your life pretty well, so just think about the kinds of things that you know they’re interested in, and include these things in their basket.

Make a video for them! This one can be a lot of fun to put together, and is a very personal expression of how important this person really is to you and your family. Ask friends and family members to contribute just a few sentences about what they appreciate most about your caregiver, edit it together, and then email it to them!

Throw an appreciation party for them! (This is an easy thing to do via Zoom!)  First, set a time, date, and theme for this special party. Secondly, ask friends and family to come with their themed outfits, snacks, and/or beverages. Lastly, have a wonderful time together in appreciation of your caregiver.

Buy them a gift card to their favorite cafe! Caregivers lead busy and often very structured lives. Many times they like to enjoy their favorite coffee or tea drink during breaks. Make things simple for them by sending them a special treat on you!

Go Show Your Appreciation Today!

We hope you find these suggestions to be inspiring. When we show our caregivers how much they mean to us, it deepens the connection between them, your family, and your loved one. Don’t forget to thank your caregiver on February 19th — National Caregivers Day!

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